Relocating can be a smooth journey for the entire family, whether it’s a move within the same country or an international adventure. When an exciting job opportunity arises, it impacts the entire family in various aspects. Questions arise about finding employment for a partner, selecting the right school or daycare, and identifying neighborhoods that align with the family’s needs for hobbies, commuting, and social connections.

International House Helsinki (IHH) offers a unique Spouse Program to help international spouses settle in the capital region.

‘’We offer workshops and networking events aimed at helping newcomers learn more about working and living in the Helsinki capital region. Through our services the newcomers can get acquainted with topics such as what life is like in the Helsinki capital region, what the Finnish working culture is all about, how to network or how to tailor their CV’s and cover letters to better fit the local job market,’’ Silvia Ruz-Anjala from the Spouse Program explains.

After an onboarding period, the Spouse Program provides ongoing support to its members through a series of professional and cultural events that are customized to meet the specific needs of the community. The members of the Spouse Program have the opportunity to actively influence the program’s offerings and ensure that they align with their preferences.

Tailormade solutions to fit members’ needs

The Spouse Program supports its members through a series of professional and cultural events and services tailored to meet the specific needs of the community. Active participation from program members ensures that the offerings align with their preferences and desires. After you have registered as a Spouse Program member, you can view all of their events on the Spouse Program’s website.

Employed within months thanks to Spouse Program

One member of the Spouse Program is Abigail Voigt, who relocated to Finland from South Africa with her husband in 2022. Thanks to the program, she found a job within months after moving to Finland.

‘’While researching what available programs for families Finland has to offer, I came across the Spouse Program website, and after reading through all the information, I decided to join the program upon my arrival in Finland,’’ she explains.

Voigt highly values the comprehensive guidance provided by the Spouse Program, particularly in navigating the job market. The program offered CV clinics to learn about the preferred CV format in Finland, and workshops focused on effective job search strategies with an emphasis on networking. She also appreciated the weekly emails that highlighted new events and workshops. One event that greatly benefited her was the Talent Match Event in Espoo, where she connected with her current employer, a local international recruiting company, where she has been working as a Technical Recruiter for the past year.

‘’Whenever I speak to people who have recently relocated here with their partners, I always recommend the program and emphasize how beneficial it has been for me. I believe that anyone moving to Finland should be part of a program like this,’’ she explains. Additionally, as a board game enthusiast, Voigt was thrilled to attend the first in-person get-together, which was a board game night. This event provided her with an opportunity to make valuable connections that are still a part of her network in Finland.

Employment coaching and the Spouse Program

For families interested moving to Helsinki capital region, International House Helsinki offers Employment coaching. This service is open for anyone interested in finding work and you do not need to live in Finland in order to use the service.

Information about the Spouse Program:

The Spouse Program, an initiative from the City of Helsinki, is here to support international spouses in Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa by providing them with a vibrant and supportive community, monthly workshops and events, a vast network of partner companies and organizations, along with the opportunity to receive professional career coaching.