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Financial support

There are several ways through which your organization can get financial support for international recruitment. Our IHH International Recruitment Services can introduce these methods and help you identify which financial support would suit your organization’s needs.


Financial support for international recruitment

The EURES Targeted Mobility Scheme can support employers in recruitment from another EU country, Norway, or Iceland. Finnish small and medium-sized entreprises (SMEs) can apply for a grant to support the onboarding and integration of a new employee. The grant can be EUR 1,390/employee for a basic integration programme and EUR 1,750/employee for a comprehensive integration programme.


Financial support for local candidate pools

When hiring a local international candidate, you could get financial support from the TE Office or the city. Both the TE Office and municipal employment services can grant a pay subsidy to cover the pay costs of an unemployed jobseeker, if the work in question will enhance the jobseeker’s professional competence in something that is currently preventing them from finding employment.

Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa also offer subsidies for hiring employees. Both Helsinki and Espoo can both grant financial support for costs related to recruitment, pay, and commissions (one-off work or project). The recruitment supplement is EUR 500/month, the salary supplement is up to EUR 800/month, and the commission supplement is at most EUR 1,500.

The city of Vantaa (in Finnish) can grant an additional subsidy (‘Vantaa-lisä’) to employers who hire someone who receives a pay subsidy. The additional supplement is EUR 500/month. Vantaa also has a recruitment supplement for hiring youth under 30 years of age that is at most EUR 800/month.


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