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International House Helsinki (IHH) provides a number of services for international newcomers. You can always consult our IHH International Recruitment Services to learn how you can best support your new employees settling in the Helsinki capital region.


Services for International Newcomers

International House Helsinki offers Newcomer information sessions for those in the process of relocating to the Helsinki capital region for work. These free online sessions are held in English.

Our Newcomer information sessions cover topics like:

  • The steps to take before and after arriving in Finland
  • Housing
  • Healthcare
  • The Finnish education system
  • Support for accompanying partners
  • The Helsinki capital region’s startup ecosystem

Your future employee should visit our International House Helsinki service centre upon arrival to handle all official matters. Taking care of official matters at IHH upon arrival reduces the chances of challenges such as delays in salary payments due to the person not having a suitable tax card or them needing a personal identity code to open a bank account.

We recommend that the family members of your future employees also visit our International House Helsinki service centre. To begin with, family members should also register with the local officials in person. If a spouse is looking for employment, they can register as a jobseeker and get information on family, unemployment, and other benefits at our International House Helsinki service centre.

International House Helsinki’s services for international newcomers include:

  • General information and guidance
  • Registration of EU citizen’s right of residence
  • Registration of municipality of residence, issue of personal identity code, and change of address
  • Tax card and tax counselling
  • Social security & benefits
  • Employment services and registering as a jobseeker
  • Pensions and pension insurance
  • Daycare and education guidance
  • Employment coaching
  • Employee rights advisory service

Many of our services are offered by appointment only and it is important to complete each step in the correct order. Learn more about our services for international newcomers.


Settling in to the work community 

Supporting a new employee in settling in both at work and in the Helsinki capital region allows them to focus on work and start working quickly after arriving in the capital region.

The instructions and information concerning safety, obligations, rights, and work duties should be in a language the employee understands. More information about your obligations as an employer of an international employee.  Additionally consider what internal documentation might be most crucial to provide for your new international employee in a language they understand.

Your organization could also offer collegial support during the onboarding program to help the new employee get to know their colleagues early on. This is a great way to help your new employee learn more about Finnish working culture and your organization’s culture.

Financial support from the Targeted Mobility Schemes project  can be used to support the onboarding and integration of a new employee. Learn more about other available financial support.

Tip: International employees may be unfamiliar with local holidays and some aspects of Finnish working culture. Providing collegial support for your employee helps them learn more about both informal and formal characteristics of your organization and of Finnish working culture.

Learning Finnish or Swedish

Workplace Finnish and/or Swedish training can help improve an international employees’ ability to manage their work tasks in Finnish or Swedish. The training is tailored to the needs of the company and their employees. The objective, content, duration, group size, and method of the training is agreed together with the employer.

Workplace language training is co-funded by the employer and Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centre). The employer’s contribution depends on the company’s size and turnover or balance sheet, for example it can vary between 30-50% of the total cost of the training. Contact IHH international recruitment service. You can also read more information on

Finnish and Swedish language courses are also widely available in the capital region and online.


Support for accompanying family members  

The Spouse Program is a supportive peer network for international partners of employees in the Helsinki capital region. They offer workshops, networking events, guidance, and a vibrant community. 

The Career Club is a career-focused network for highly-educated individuals living in Espoo. Participants can gain new skills, knowledge, and networks to support their career development. 

If your future employee is relocating to Finland with their children, they can always contact our Education guidance service for information about topics like daycare and school placements in Helsinki. 

Contact our IHH International Recruitment Services

IHH International Recruitment Services

For more information about the settling-in services available please contact our IHH International Recruitment Services by email or by phone.

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