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Relocation Guidance

We recommend all international newcomers who are in the process of moving and prospective newcomers considering moving to the Helsinki capital region attend one of International House Helsinki’s Newcomer Information Sessions. Our sessions are organised regularly and cover the steps international newcomers need to take before and after arriving in Finland.

After you have participated in a Newcomer Information Session, you can make an appointment for our Relocation Guidance service. The Relocation Guidance service is for those requiring guidance for a more complex situation, or in a need to discuss specific relocation-related matters on a more personal level.

Our personalised Relocation Guidance service is free and open to international newcomers who need guidance and are in the process of moving to the capital region based on work or entrepreneurship, or as a family member. The service is available in English and takes place online, or by email. To use our service, you can send an email or book a 30-minute appointment.

Our Relocation Guidance is tailored to each customer’s needs in general, and we cover the following topics:

  • work- and family-based immigration
  • document acquirement and legalization
  • public authority and administrative matters
  • everyday practicalities
  • housing

Please note that our Relocation Guidance service does not include face to face meetings, accompaniment or making any arrangements on a newcomer’s behalf. For example, we cannot provide assistance with filling in or checking applications, making appointments, screening, or shortlisting apartments, booking apartment viewings, nor coordinating keys, residence permit cards or school visits.

Please also note that we cannot help in finding legitimate grounds for moving, such as place of work or study. Instead, the starting point of the Relocation Guidance service is that you already have a valid reason (job/job offer, business operations, partner/family, place of study) to move to the Helsinki capital region, or you have recently arrived and need help figuring out the necessary administrative or other personal matters. If your objective is to find a job, we are unable to assist you within the scope of this service, but recommend you to book an appointment for our Employment Coaching service.

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Please note, that the Relocation Guidance service will be on summer break from 10 July to 8 August 2024.

Contact Relocation Guidance

You can contact us by email at

If you have any questions about relocation guidance or you couldn’t find a suitable appointment time from the booking system, please contact us by email.

Please note, that the Relocation Guidance service will be on summer break from 10 July to 8 August 2024.

Please do not share any personal, confidential or sensitive information when contacting our relocation guidance service.