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International candidate search

Broadening your candidate search can create a competitive advantage for your organization and help you identify a candidate who fits the needs of your organization. Our IHH International Recruitment Services can support you throughout the process. We can help you explore both international possibilities and identify international candidates from local candidate pools.

In addition, our IHH International Recruitment Services can also help you determine what types of financial supports are available for your organization when hiring an international employee.


International possibilities

To widen your search across Europe, you can utilize the Uusimaa EURES services. The EURES network includes over a thousand advisers working in the EURES Member and Partner organisations across Europe.

On the EURES job portal, you can create an employer account, post an open position, search for candidates based on your criteria, read candidate CVs, and get expert support for the whole recruitment process.

EURES advisers know the ins and outs of the European job market and can help you find a suitable country to search for candidates, start your international recruitment process, find a local partner, and market your open positions. EURES advisers can also organize a recruitment event in the target country, answer the candidates’ questions, accept the job applications, and make the preliminary selection.

You can also join recruitment events abroad and online if your goal is to reach a wider audience. Events like European Online Job Days bring together jobseekers and employers across Europe. You can promote your company and open positions and meet job seekers directly at the events. Participation in the events is free of charge.

Our IHH International Recruitment Services can also help you expand your search beyond the EU/EEA and we can introduce the steps to take kickstart your global candidate search.

Your organization can receive financial support for international recruitment and for hiring international candidates: Financial support for international recruitment.


Local candidate pools

It is also possible to find an employee with an international background from local candidate pools in the Helsinki capital region. Thousands of international students study in higher education institutions across Finland and there are plenty of qualified international candidates living in the Helsinki capital region.

The Uusimaa Employment and Economic Development Office (TE Office) can advertise your open position, advise you on questions related to filling a vacancy, look for suitable candidates and introduce them to you, as well as train employees to match your needs.

One way the TE Office can advertise your open position is via their TE-live events. Hosting a TE-live recruiting broadcast gives your organizations the opportunity to introduce your open position(s), what your organization can offer your employees, and why candidates should apply to work for you.

Learn more about financial supports that support hiring international newcomers already in Finland: Financial support for local candidate pools.

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For information and tips on how to broaden your international candidate search, please contact our IHH International Recruitment Service by email or by phone.

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