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International House Helsinki provides a wide range of information and public authority services to meet the needs of international newcomers in the Helsinki capital region. View the service menu to learn more about the services available to you.

General information & guidance

Cities of Helsinki (Helsinki-info) Vantaa and Espoo offer general information and guidance at International House Helsinki on issues such as residence permits, studying Finnish/Swedish, housing, daycare, education and health care services. You can also get assistance with how to correctly fill out the forms or understand the decisions and procedures of different public authorities.

Service is available in the following languages: Finnish, English, Swedish, Arabic, Somali, Russian, Estonian, Farsi, French and Berber.



09 310 111 11

Open: Monday–Friday 9:00–16:00

For online information, please visit:

For information on Finnish language courses, please visit:

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The Newcomer's Guide

Registration of an EU citizen’s right of residence

If you are a citizen of an EU Member State, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Iceland or Norway, you do not need a residence permit for your residence in Finland. You can stay and work freely in Finland for up to three months. You must have a valid identity card or passport.

If you stay in Finland for longer than 90 days, you need to register your right of residence at the Finnish Immigration Service.

If you are an EU citizen and need to register your right of residence, you can do it at International House Helsinki.

1) Book an appointment

  • When selecting office, choose International House Helsinki (IHH). Unfortunately it is not possible to handle your matters at IHH without an appointment.

2) Fill in the application either in the e-service Enter Finland or on paper

3) Bring all the necessary attachments with you. Check which attachments you need

  • Remember to bring your identity card. If you do not pay the application fee in Enter Finland, you will also need a debit or credit card. At IHH, it is not possible to pay in cash.

4) Make sure to come early. You will be called by name.

  • A personal verification message was sent to you when you booked the appointment. The IHH lobby personnel will ask to see the message as you enter the service point. You do not need a waiting number.

At IHH, we can only do EU registrations. In other matters, please visit the website or one of our service points.

Open: Monday–Friday 9:00–16:00


Registration, personal identity code & change of address

Digital and Population Data Services Agency (former Local Register Office / Maistraatti) enters data into the Finnish Population Information System and can issue a Finnish personal identity code (if you have not received it earlier i.e. when you have applied for a residence permit or registration as an EU citizen).

You need a personal identity code in order to open a bank account or to obtain a telephone subscription, for example. The Local Register Office also decides whether a Finnish municipality of residence (kotikunta) can be entered for you. If you have a municipality of residence in Finland, in most cases you are entitled to use the services provided by the municipality.

Please bring along the following documents when you visit:

  • a passport or a valid photo ID
  • an employment contract (if your stay is work-related)
  • a residence permit (if you need a residence permit for Finland)*
  • a certificate of registration of an EU citizen’s right to reside (if you are an EU citizen)*

If you have accompanying family members, please also bring:

  • a marriage certificate (if you are married)
  • children’s birth certificates (if you have children who are under 18)

All official documents must be notarised originals or translations by authorised translators.

* required in order to get a Finnish municipality of residence.

For further guidance, please visit the DVV website

Fast track service for specialists and growth entrepreneurs

In the case that you have been granted a residence permit through the Finnish Immigration Service’s fast track service as a specialist, growth entrepreneur, EU Blue Card senior specialist, specialist based on internal company transfer, or as a family member of any of the above, you may book an appointment to register your personal data by using the fast track service for specialists and growth entrepreneurs. 

Please read more


The Digital and Population Data Services Agency (Local Register Office) recommends customers make an appointment before visiting IHH.


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Tax card & tax counseling

If you are working and receiving pay, or if you are an entrepreneur, you need a Finnish tax card (verokortti).

The Finnish Tax Administration at International House Helsinki provides information about taxation in Finland for individuals and you can also apply for a tax card. The service is offered by appointment only.

Please bring along the following documents when you visit:

  • a passport or a valid photo ID
  • an employment contract

NOTE! If you work in construction, you also need a tax number (veronumero). You can apply for a tax number and also a tax card at the Helsinki Area Tax Office at Hämeentie 15. The service is available both by appointment and as a walk-in service. Groups of more than 5 people need to make an appointment. The above listed document requirements also apply for the visit at the Helsinki Area Tax Office.


You may book an appointment for International House Helsinki and for Helsinki Area Tax Office online at MyTax or by phone 029 497 050.


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Social security & benefits

When you are working in Finland or move to Finland on a permanent basis, you may be entitled to social security coverage under the Finnish social security system. The Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela) makes a determination about whether you are entitled to coverage. You may also receive benefits from Kela.

They can provide you with information about social security and benefits and you can both file, and drop off applications at International House Helsinki.

Please bring along the following documents when you visit:

  • a passport or valid photo ID
  • an employment contract


For further guidance, please visit the Kela website

It is possible to visit Kela’s desk at International House Helsinki without making an appointment.  

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Employment services & registering as a jobseeker

The TE Office representative at International House Helsinki provides general information and advice on TE (employment) services and instructs on the use of their online services. It is also possible to register as a jobseeker.

There are two ways of registering as a jobseeker:

  1. Via the E-services, if you can sign into the service with online banking codes, a mobile certificate from your mobile operator or a smart ID card and you are a citizen of an EU or EEA Member State.
    E-services in Finnish and Swedish
  2. If you cannot sign into E-services or are a citizen of other countries (and have a residence permit), you must visit the local TE Office or the TE service desk at International House Helsinki.
    TE Offices’ contact information

After the registration, continued contacts with TE services are handled at your local TE Office. For access to other TE services, please contact your local TE Office.


Please note from 4.7 – 31.7 the TE Office service desk at IHH will be closed. During this time you can still contact the TE Office for remote guidance  by telephone, 0295 041 392 (Mon-Fri 9-12.00) or by email, Please do not include any confidential or sensitive information in your emails.

The TE Office’s desk at IHH is open Monday-Friday from 9.00-12.00 and 13.00-16.00. You can visit the service desk without making an appointment.

If you have questions about TE services or registering as a jobseeker, you can send an email to ihh@te-toimisto.fiPlease do not include any confidential or sensitive information in your emails. Confidential and sensitive information should only be sent through a secure network. You can also call their telephone services for personal clients: 0295 020 713 (Mon-Fri 9.00-16.15)


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Pensions & pension insurance

The Finnish Centre for Pensions provides information about earnings-related pensions and social security for International House Helsinki customers. You can get information about the A1 certificate and about whether you are covered under the social security system of the country of origin or that of Finland. Information is also provided on matters related to earnings-related pensions and pension insurance: taxes and contributions withheld on the wage or salary, how to check your own accrued earnings-related pension and how to claim a pension.


The Finnish Centre for Pensions serves customers online and over the phone.

Please contact ETK by phone, 029 411 2110 or visit their website.

More information about earnings-related pensions in English, Estonian and Russian


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Employee rights advisory service

The Central Organization of Finnish Trade Unions (SAK) maintains an Employee Rights Advisory Service which advises employees of foreign backgrounds on questions concerning their employment. The service is free of charge and available in Finnish and in English by phone or e-mail.

Use of the service does not require a trade union membership. SAK’s Fair Play at Work website includes detailed information about working in Finland in 23 different languages.



Open: Mondays 14:00–17:00, Tuesdays and Wednesdays 9:00–11:00 and 12:00–15:00

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Daycare and education guidance

The education guidance service helps families residing in Helsinki with queries about daycare, pre-primary and primary education services, and playground and club activities. Customers can ask, for example, advice on application processes and receive consultation on different daycare and school options in the capital region. More information about options for basic education in Helsinki is available here.

Service is available in Finnish and English.


040 677 2528

You can contact our education guidance service by phone on Tuesday from 8.00-10.00 and on Thursday from 14.00-16.00. 

You can also contact the education guidance service by email. You are welcome to ask questions by email and book a personal telephone appointment or an online meeting.