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Authority services

Welcome to the Helsinki capital region! Moving to a new country can be an exciting experience, but there are a few steps to take before you can start living and working in Finland. Some of these steps include sorting administrative matters with public authority services. At International House Helsinki (IHH), you can get clear information and guidance about these steps and take care of them at the service desks at the IHH service centre.

Before visiting our IHH service centre, it is important you plan your visit in advance and book appointments when required. This page shows you the different authority services you can use at IHH, and which ones you need appointments for at IHH’s service centre.

For more guidance in this process, you can get help by clicking “Start Chat” on the bottom right and asking your questions there. You can also get help from IHH staff by contacting our General Information and Guidance services for information on our services and on what steps to take.


Authority services

  1. Registration of an EU citizen’s right of residence

    If you are a citizen of an EU Member State, Liechtenstein or Switzerland and plan to stay in Finland longer than 90 days, you need to register your right of residence at the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri). You can do this at International House Helsinki.

    Please note Migri’s service desk at International House Helsinki can only handle EU registrations. For any other immigration service categories, you are asked to visit another Migri service point.

  2. Registration, personal identity code & change of address

    The Digital and Population Data Services Agency (DVV) issues personal identity codes and enters data into the Finnish Population Information System.

    At International House Helsinki you can apply for a personal identity code and register your address as well as your municipality of residence.

  3. Tax card & tax counselling

    If you are working and receiving pay or are an entrepreneur, you need a tax card. You can apply for a tax card at International House Helsinki and receive tax counseling.

    Visit the Finnish Tax Administration (Vero) at International House Helsinki to apply for a tax card. Vero can also provide you with more information about taxation in Finland for individuals.

  4. Social security & benefits

    The Social Insurance Institution (Kela) provides basic economic security for those who live and work in Finland. You may be entitled to Kela benefits both on the basis of permanent residence and employment.

    The right to social security coverage is mainly affected by the country one comes from and for how long one plans to work in Finland. Kela considers individual circumstances and determines if you are entitled social security coverage or benefits. At International House Helsinki, you can both file and drop off applications. Kela can also provide you with information about social security and benefits.

  5. Employment services & registering as a jobseeker

    The Employment and Economic Development Office (TE Office) offers first-stage guidance about employment at International House Helsinki.

    You can also visit the TE Office’s desk to register as a jobseeker.

  6. Pension insurance and A1 certificates

    The Finnish Centre for Pensions (ETK) can provide you with information about social security while working abroad, A1 certificates and earnings-related pensions.

    Please note that ETK serves customers by phone or online.

General information and guidance

General Information and Guidance

The cities of Helsinki, Espoo, and Vantaa provide general information and guidance at International House Helsinki, whether you have questions about city services or need help understanding the procedures of different public authority services, our guidance services are here to help you!

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General Information and Guidance

The cities of Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa can provide you with general information and guidance.

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