A unique bi-lingual event aimed at introducing entrepreneurship in Finland to Ukrainian women

Our 12.5.23 event, Ukrainian Women in Business, aimed to bridge the gap between participants in the capital region entrepreneurship scene and Ukrainian women interested in starting a business in Finland. Allowing participants in the local region entrepreneurship scene to learn more about the wants and needs of Ukrainian women in Finland and abroad and introducing the entrepreneurial services available in the Helsinki capital region.

As Laura Hakola, Business Coordinator for the City Helsinki and co-host, says, “The atmosphere at the event was warm and the audience was receptive. It felt very valuable for us to get a chance to organize this together with other stakeholders. We had a full house which shows that there was a need for this kind of event.”


The around 100 attendees of our event had the opportunity to participate in-person or online, as well as in either English or Ukrainian via translation software.

As the event centered around the role of Ukrainian women entrepreneurs and their experience and expertise, our event kicked off with an opening speech from Maryna Saprykina of CSR Ukraine.

For those interested in starting a business in Finland, the event featured speakers from Business Helsinki, Startup Refugees, Herizon, who introduced how one can get started with entrepreneurship, in addition to the entrepreneurial services available in the Helsinki capital region. We also had the opportunity to introduce IHH’s services (Pre-Arrival Support, Authority Services and Guidance and Support Services) to event attendees.

Attendees also got to hear from local female entrepreneurs Anne Kangas and Daria Sazonova about their experience of starting a business in Finland, the importance of female entrepreneurs, and their role in the local ecosystem. “We were happy that so many Ukrainian women were able to join our event and had the opportunity to hear for local experts about what it is like to be female entrepreneur in Finland. We understand that many people have already joined the CSR Ukraine network after our event” International House Helsinki (IHH) Project Manager Juho-Tuomas Järvikangas, adds.

Ukrainian Women in Business was organized by the Confederation of Finnish Industries in collaboration with International House Helsinki, Business Helsinki, and Startup Refugees.

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