International House Helsinki (IHH)’s Startup Soft Landing services visit Arctic 15 and host a unique side event for startups.

Our Startup soft landing experts from Business Helsinki had the opportunity to participate in one of the leading startup conferences in the Nordics, Arctic 15.

Over the course of two days, several activities were organized, including a workshop for internationals looking to bring their company to the Helsinki capital region, one-on-one meetings between the Business Helsinki team and international entrepreneurs, and a unique Arctic 15-side event designed to introduce the capital region’s startup ecosystem along with the services provided by the cities of Helsinki, Espoo, and Vantaa.

“The Helsinki capital region’s startup ecosystem is built on innovation and trust. Finland is an excellent launchpad to help you company expand globally”, adds Jochen Faugel of Business Helsinki.

The side-event, How to Establish & Grow Your Business As An International In Helsinki, was open to all, and attendees did not need to have a ticket to Arctic 15 to attend. During the event, entrepreneurs had the opportunity to learn more about the services offered in the Helsinki capital region, hear from investors and successful capital region entrepreneurs, and even can pitch their ideas to a panel of successful local experts.

International House Helsinki’s Startup soft landing support

Business Helsinki’s startup soft landing support is here to help experienced growth entrepreneurs bring their business to Finland.

Their services are tailored to your needs, and they can support you for example in the following:

  • Applying for a startup permit
  • Coaching for your business plan.
  • Establishing your business in Finland.
  • Get funded; we will connect you with local private and public funding providers.
  • Develop your business and adjust to the European business environment.
  • Build your local network
  • Get your business settled in the Helsinki capital region.

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