Your ultimate source for information about moving to, living in, and enjoying life in the Helsinki region


The Newcomer’s Guide is a new comprehensive resource developed by the cities of Helsinki, Espoo, and Vantaa.



Our guidebook is divided into four main parts moving, living, work & study, and leisure time. Whether you need help finding a flat, would like information about where to study Finnish or Swedish, or even want to learn more about Finnish culture, the Newcomer’s Guide is here to help you and will be updated as information and services change.


Are you are in the process of planning your move to the Helsinki region? The Newcomer’s Guide introduces you to the Finnish public authority services you will need to visit when you arrive. It also provides you with directions for opening a Finnish bank account and getting a mobile phone subscription.


Are you looking for a flat in Helsinki, Espoo, or Vantaa? Are you interested in learning more about the Finnish education system and wondering which kindergarten your children can attend? Find this and more in the living section of the Newcomer’s Guide.

Work & Study

One allure of life in Finland is the opportunity to find an excellent work-life balance. The Newcomer’s Guide discusses Finnish working culture and advises you on finding a job in the Helsinki region. You can also find information about higher education and adult education opportunities.

Leisure Time

The beauty of being in the Helsinki region is the balance of a close proximity to nature with abundant cultural activities available at your doorstep. The Newcomer’s guide provides a wide range of information about how to enjoy your free time in the capital region.

Find the Newcomer’s Guide here (updated 16 February 2024). The Newcomer’s Guide was produced with funding from the Finnish Government’s Talent Boost Programme and was funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.