We are excited to introduce you to our new chatbot– Into

International House Helsinki’s (IHH) new chatbot, Into, is here to answer your questions about our services and provide you with more information about moving to the Helsinki capital region.

Into is happy to introduce the services we offer, how to contact each service, how and when to book an appointment, and provide you with general information about life in the Helsinki capital region.

How to talk to Into?

Into is here to support you and provide you with the information you need. Into speaks English and responds best to simple and direct questions. For example, you can ask Into questions like:

  • Do I need to book an appointment before visiting IHH?
  • How can I enroll in a Finnish, Swedish or English course?
  • Why is EU registration needed?
  • How can I get a tax card?

Into will try their best to respond to your questions. In case they do not know the answer, you will be directed to a customer service representative from Helsinki-info. You can also contact a customer service representative by typing, “I would like to chat with a customer service representative” into the chat window You can chat with a customer service representative Monday-Thursday from 9.00-16.00 UTC +2 and Friday from 9.00-15.00 UTC +2.

Please be sure to not include any personal or confidential information in the chat.

Into is always learning

Into is constantly improving and learning better ways to help our customers. Our team of experts are providing Into with new information regularly. You can also provide Into with feedback by clicking on the pen icon in the chat window.

If you are new to the Helsinki capital region or are interested in learning more about living in the Helsinki capital region, IHH has several guides to help you make the capital your home.

The Newcomer’s Guide

Housing in Helsinki: A newcomer’s guide to finding a home in the capital

Guide to early childhood education and care