The International House Helsinki service centre, located at Lintulahdenkuja 2 D, will be closed on Friday 24 December 2021 and Thursday 6 January 2022. 

In addition to these closures, the Finnish Immigration Service’s desk at the service centre will be closed from 20 December 2021 to 7 January 2022. Between 3 January and 7 January 2022 customers who would typically register their EU citizen’s right of residence at the IHH service centre are exceptionally welcome to visit the Finnish Immigration Service’s service point located in the Helsinki district of Malmi, Kaupparaitti 10.

Please note this is a special exception, only between 3.1.22-7.1.22, due to the Finnish Immigration Service not being present at the IHH service centre. Additionally, due to the current coronavirus situation, queueing with a waiting number will not be possible at the Finnish Immigration Service’s Malmi service point from 28 December 2021 to 3 January 2022More information is available on their website.

Only a limited number of customers are allowed to enter the Finnish Immigration Service’s Malmi service point at one time. They can only serve approximately 50 customers a day. Additional information about current restrictions and visiting their service point can be found here.

We at International House Helsinki wish you happy holidays and a happy new year.