A supportive community of international spouses, professional and cultural events and career coaching, The Spouse Program welcomes you to the Helsinki capital region.

Moving to a country is a thrilling experience filled with opportunity and discovery. However, when relocating abroad because of a spouse’s or partner’s career, you may need a little support  to help you settle in.

The Spouse Program, an initiative from the City of Helsinki, is here to support international spouses in Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa by providing them with a vibrant and supportive community, monthly workshops and events, a vast network of partner companies and organizations, along with the opportunity to receive professional career coaching.

The Spouse Program offers new participants a 3-4 month onboarding period. This period consists of a series of events and workshops focused on helping international spouses learn more about:

  • Life in the Helsinki capital region
  • Finnish working culture, networking, and the local job market
  • CVs and cover letters

The Spouse Program supports its participants through continued professional and cultural events following the onboarding period. These events are uniquely tailored to the community’s needs, meaning being a participant in the spouse program means you have a say in what the program offers.

Additionally, Spouse Program participants can participate in pitching events and other networking events, where they have the opportunity to meet potential employers, build their network, and better understand how their skills and experience translate to the Finnish job market.

For Helsinki-based participants looking for career-related support, the Spouse Program offers Career Coaching and you may find more about the career coaching from here. This service includes 3-4 hours of individually tailored professional coaching.

For more information about the Spouse Program, visit their website and sign-up to be a participant