International House Helsinki received a “thank you” from Markku Lahtinen, Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce in his opening speech at the Talent Boost Virtual Networking & Matchmaking Deal Room. He pointed out that “the one-stop-shop service that helps newcomers to settle in the capital region is a great concept”. He also mentioned that the service model is already considered by other regions in Finland.

The Talent Boost Networking and Matchmaking event aimed at bringing international talent and employers together.  The program was kicked off with a session featuring open job opportunities to the talent joining the networking event, followed by the Regional State Administrative Agency specialists explaining what are the rights and responsibilities that talent taking up local employment need to know.

The event had several different sessions. Participants received practical advice on jobseeking and international professionals learned about the importance of networking in job-search. Attendees got to know how to build an attractive CV and cover letter, including a concrete tip of “ the rule of “three C’s – make it clear, compact and customise it”. A nice portrait photo in a resume was seen also as a standard.

Mentoring for Talents and Employers session raised the fact that a large number of jobs do not appear on job boards but employment opportunities are rather found through different networks. The discussion also noted that mentoring is an excellent way for talent to get insight into the local working culture. For a mentor, the collaboration often gives transparency to the obstacles that international talent face when entering the local job market.

The spouses of the international newcomers were also included in the programme and the audience heard about the City of Helsinki’s Spouse Programme. The programme aims to help Finnish companies to retain their international talent by supporting the integration of their partners. Spouse support is critical in relocation, as data shows that many professionals decide to either move back or move on, if their life partners cannot settle into the city of their new workplace.

The event received over 700 virtual visitors including the organisers, facilitating discussion and matchmaking between talent and businesses. However, it was not just about talent; advice for companies was also available. Joanna Ahokanto from the Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce, running the International House’s  Employer Counselling service connected with employers who needed advice about hiring international talent. The Employer Counselling plays an important role in the international workforce integration, supporting companies with questions about work-related immigration, international workforce recruitment processes and work permits, among other issues.

The Talent Boost Virtual Networking and Matchmaking event on 10.12.2020, was organized by Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce and City of Espoo in cooperation with and Kokka kohti Suomea –project, coordinated by ELY Centre, Southwest Finland.

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